J.R. Davis & Associates – Serving Satisfied Clients Globally, Since 1998

J.R. Davis & Associates works with Businesses and Individuals to maximize their business potential.

We specialize in assisting our clients with putting into practice the financial information that is at the foundation of small business fiscal management. We offer a multi-level set of services that are developed for your unique business. By focusing on the common issues facing small businesses of any type, we have built consistency, efficiency, and transparency into our services.

Once we assess your business needs, the plan we develop with you becomes a dynamic tool for facilitating the day to day operations of your company. As your business needs change, our services will change to accommodate newly defined needs. Our skilled associates are with you throughout the process.

We work with you to meet your business goals

Our Clients

J.R. Davis & Associates clients value relationships in business and they find that value in us. We understand the needs of companies with revenues up to $20 million dollars annually. We also specialize in working with start-up entrepreneurs to lay the groundwork for excellent fiscal management and organization. Our clients value our expertise as we help them bridge the gap between ordinary bookkeeping and the services of the CPA. With 20 years in business in more than 250 operating environments and 10 countries around the world, we assist businesses in creating the operational accounting they need.


Our Services

  • Transaction Management & Execution
  • Bookkeeping Services
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Collections
    • General Ledger & Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll System Development and Administration
  • Cash Management Financial Reporting
  • Audit Management
    • Internal Controls Development
    • Reporting
    • Compliance
  • Create Streamlined Online Bank Accounts
  • Customized Reporting
  • Management Solutions
  • Regulatory Compliance

Service Highlight

Nonprofit Audit Management

J.R. Davis & Associates has created an entire platform of services under audit consulting for nonprofit organizations.

What we offer:

J.R. Davis & Associates is able to manage the entire audit process, acting as an independent between the CPA firm and the client.  By bridging this gap between CPA and client, nonprofits are able to complete the audit process quickly and efficiently, saving significant time and money for the organization.

Some of our services include:

  • Preplanning audits
  • Managing the audit process
  • Reviewing, amending, and rewriting policies and procedures
  • Internal Controls Audit Matrix
  • OMB – Single Point Audits
  • CEO Support

Marin Century 2022 – Sponsorship Information

The 2022 Marin Century is scheduled for Saturday August 6, 2022.  This marks the sixth year that we have been a sponsor of the Marin Century.

The Marin Century is a bike ride that brings together riders from all over Marin County, California, and the United States to raise money for important programs that support the Marin community that we are proud to call home.

Cycling is a passion of our founders, and supporting our community is a passion of J.R. Davis & Associates as a whole.

To learn more about the Marin Century or how to participate next year, please visit:

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