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Dashboards for Everyone!

J.R. Davis & Associates have created dashboards to help businesses track, analyze, and 
display data in one location. 
These dashboards (data visualizations) allow management to make quick assessments and course corrections, 
enabling the business to meet strategic goals effectively. 
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Sales Dashboards
These reporting tools give you an overview of your company’s sales performance, allowing you to control and monitor sales KPIs in one central location.
This tool provides detailed sales performance analysis, cycle lengths, and sales funnels.
Cash Dashboards (The Cash Dash)
A cash flow tool allows you to track and control the money flowing in and out of your business over a specific timeframe.  
Use this valuable tool to determine your financial health and quickly identify issues that might impact your business’s cash flow. 
Revenue/Expense Dashboards

This valuable tool measures revenue and expenses against forecast (revenue), budget and/or prior year.

Employee Dashboards

This dashboard provides important employee information quickly and securely, including compensation or other specified data.


How long does it take to set up a dashboard?

Depending on business needs and data requirements, setting up a fully functioning dashboard 
takes approximately two to five business days.

Why Tableau vs other software?

We choose to build our tools with Tableau vs. other software – the main reason being 
your privacy and security.  
Tableau can be viewed and operated on several devices such as your laptop, mobile, or tablet!  
Tableau offers “live” connections to different data sources. 

How often is the dashboard updated?

Depending on business model and strategy this changes.  They can be updated daily with live feeds, but more commonly updated weekly, monthly, or quarterly

Is it affordable?

Yes!  You will receive five templated data dashboards that hold your previous year’s data at a set-up cost 
of only $1250.00. Depending on the scope of work, additional customizations can be discussed. 
The monthly cost to maintain the dashboard is $500, including one user license.
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